"After all, the engineers only needed to refuse to fix anything, and modern industry would grind to a halt." -Michael Lewis

For Doers

As Andy Grove was quoted as saying about his time at Intel:

It almost doesn't matter what you know. It matters what you can do with whatever you know or can acquire, and actually accomplish, that tends to be valued here.

The principles of this place are designed to emulate that spirit. Namely, doing, and of valuing doing and what gets done over nearly everything else. People entrenched in societal affairs, and particularly in politicized office environments, tend to forget that it is the doers, and not talkers, or people involved in thinking about what needs to be done, who drive innovation and deliver value.

It is, therefore, the purpose of this site to help both you and I become better at doing.

"Ideas are easy. Execution is everything." -John Doerr

Here's a book I wrote on Java. Read it for free on this site.