"After all, the engineers only needed to refuse to fix anything, and modern industry would grind to a halt." -Michael Lewis

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About Me

I have several years of programming experience, with an emphasis on back-end development and DevOps via Ansible. I love distributed systems because I think they are among the most challenging and relevant problems facing software engineers today.

I'm reasonably intelligent, but mostly just hardworking. I believe in empathy as the starting point for all communication.

Want to work with me? You should reach out.

Recent Experience

Software Engineer
[The Standard Insurance]


  • Optimized round-trip REST API calls by writing a reusable library implementing the Salesforce Composite API. This decreased time to completion on batch jobs by as much as 96%.
  • Built an integration service that heals automatically [spring boot], ensuring eventual payload delivery even if critical resources become unavailable. To take one example, this effort ensured thousands of records were updated despite days of intermittent network outages.
  • Designed and implemented an automated end-to-end and integration testing framework using maven and spring, to run in a Jenkins pipeline. This saves days of manual testing for every change to the service, and allows us to confidently redeploy with very short lead times.
  • Wrote a custom application monitoring solution, using Python, that hooks into Consul Watch. Included a proof-of-concept Ansible playbook to bake the monitoring solution into every deployment of Consul--this work eventually led to teammates implementing ELK Watcher to immediately alert the operations team to failing microservices, failing Consul Agents, or failing Vault nodes.
  • Contributed to a company wide, reusable component library in Angular, which will form the basis for every new web application at the Standard and provide a consistent customer experience.
  • Optimized an Angular Test suite, reducing the time to complete unit tests from over 90 seconds to consistently under 5 seconds.
  • Created a custom structural directive in Angular that retrieves "help text" from Drupal CMS, then conditionally displays a help icon on specific elements in the DOM. This enables the business to add help text to virtually anything in the application without needing developer intervention or a redeployment of the application.
Self Employed Software Engineer


  • Wrote proprietary algorithms to trade in the US stock market.
  • Put my own money on the line using algorithms of my own design and implementation.
  • Created a custom back-testing framework, capable of subscribing to groups of stocks and then conditionally act [e.g. buy/sell one or multiple in varying quantities] based on the relationships between them. Extended this functionality to trade in real time.
Teaching Assistant and Graduate Student
[UT - Austin]


  • Master's in Aerospace Engineering, with an emphasis on Controls and Robotics.
  • GPA of 3.77.
  • Program is consistently ranked in the top 10 By US News and World Report.
  • Teaching Assistant for an Engineering Computation class of over 100 students. I taught them how to write great code.

Here's a book I wrote on Java. Read it for free on this site.